AudioSalad For Merlin Members

As a preferred technology partner of the Merlin Network, AudioSalad enables Merlin members to gain access to the global music market on behalf of their DSP licensing deals. Members can leverage the easy-to-use AudioSalad platform to power their digital supply chain, allowing them to focus on marketing their music and building strong, direct relationships with the DSPs.

Merlin preferred partner

  • AudioSalad is integrated with all Merlin-licensed DSPs.
  • We can deliver your catalog on behalf of your Merlin deals, using the most up-to-date DDEX standard delivery specifications.
  • As AudioSalad is not licensing your content, all royalties and reports will flow directly back to you, the rights holder.

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AudioSalad for Merlin Members Screenshot
AudioSalad has been a great partner. Their technology has helped us streamline many of aspects of our business including content delivery and management. Their technology and team have been great to work with as we all navigate the ever changing landscape of digital music. - Foundation Media

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