Frequently Asked Questions

What is AudioSalad?

AudioSalad is a digital media and metadata management platform, delivery provider and distribution company. It has functionality to facilitate improved workflow for digital asset management, digital delivery, e-commerce, press marketing, sync and much more.

Who uses AudioSalad?

AudioSalad is used by world leading record labels, artists, music managers, music publishers, content administrators, distributors and more.

Can I manage my metadata with AudioSalad?

Absolutely! Managing your metadata along side your media assets is at the very core of AudioSalad. Once your catalogue of releases is configured in AudioSalad, the metadata (and media assets) can be exported, delivered and shared in a number of ways, providing improved workflow and operations.

What file formats are supported?

AudioSalad supports WAV, WAV-HD, FLAC, FLAC-HD, MP3, Dolby Atmos (Spacial Audio), MQA, Apple ADM (formerly known as Mastered for iTunes) as the core audio media formats. In addition you can store, archive and share Word docs, PDF’s, video (including HD video), text files, music production files (Ableton Live, Protools etc.) and more. AudioSalad also supports H264 and Pro-Res video (HD and 4K) for music video delivery.

Can AudioSalad provide Direct To Fan (D2F) eCommerce functionality?

AudioSalad has an ecommerce integration the Shopify platform (AudioSalad App for Shopify). Our clients use the AudioSalad App for Shopify to provide D2F (Direct To Fan) ecommerce for physical and digital releases, side by side.

Can AudioSalad create royalty reports and statements?

Yes, AudioSalad provides detailed royalty reporting for our distribution clients. These are made available in our secure reporting portal.

How does AudioSalad deliver content?

AudioSalad can deliver metadata (with corresponding media assets) in multiple XML formats, including those supported by DSPs. In addition, AudioSalad can export track and release metadata as CSV for direct import into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or third party systems.

Does AudioSalad support the DDEX format?

Yes, AudioSalad has extensive knowledge of the DDEX standards, its various specifications and implementations. AudioSalad currently supports DDEX ERN specifications 3.4.1, 3.71, 3.8.2. (with version 4.11 under development). AudioSalad is a proud member of the DDEX Consortium. If you are looking to implement DDEX with your organization please contact us here

Do I need my own direct deals for delivery to DSPs?

AudioSalad can provide both digital delivery services for clients who have direct deals in place, or provide distribution services for clients that do not.

As an independent label or artist, we recommend that you start the process of forming these relationships through joining the Merlin Network

How much does AudioSalad Cost?

AudioSalad is Saas (Software as a Service) with a monthly software license fee. We have pricing tiers based on the number of assets under management. Please contact us here for pricing details and information about our distribution deals.

Does AudioSalad have an API?

Yes – we have a powerful REST API that provides secure, authenticated access to media assets and metadata under management with AudioSalad. We have numerous third party systems that are built around the AudioSalad API. We would be happy to discuss how the AudioSalad API can integrate with your projects and systems.

Do you have a demo?

Yes we have a fully functioning demo system we would be happy to show you. Please contact us to get the demo process underway.

I am Interested In AudioSalad – What Next?

We would like to hear from you and see how we can help.


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