AudioSalad and Merlin FAQ

What is Merlin?

Merlin is a not for profit organization that provides access to Digital Music Services (DSPs) like Spotify, on behalf of its membership consortium. You can read the full definition of Merlin and its charter on their website.

What are the key benefits of Merlin membership?

Merlin Membership provides the opportunity to access major DSPs via a single deal, instead of needed to pursue and execute multiple license deals. The value proposition here is the collective power of the membership and the deals Merlin has negotiated on behalf of its members. This brings considerable operational and economic efficiencies to the members that participate and operate in the global digital music market.

How does AudioSalad work together with Merlin?

When a company becomes a Merlin member, they gain access to the DSP’s but the member then still needs to actually deliver their sound recordings (their music) to the services – this is where AudioSalad comes in. AudioSalad provides delivery services for Merlin members. In addition AudioSalad can deliver on a company’s direct deal, for example if a company has a pre-existing deal relationship with Spotify but still needs their content delivered, AudioSalad can provide that service.

How long have AudioSalad and Merlin worked together?

AudioSalad is a highly valued service provider to the Merlin membership and has been providing services to Merlin members since its very inception.

Which DSP’s does Merlin provide access to?

Merlin provides access to a variety of leading DSP’s including Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, TikTok and many more. You can find further details on their website here:

How long does it take to get up and running with Merlin and AudioSalad?

There are a number of factors to be considered when estimating the time it can take to get up and running with both Merlin and AudioSalad. This includes the size of your music catalogue, the quality of your metadata, where the catalogue is currently distributed (if any) and a number of additional factors. AudioSalad can help accurately assess the time it will take and provides an implementation plan for all parties to follow. We will happily discuss this with you as an initial step.

How do I know if joining Merlin is the right approach for me?

This is an important consideration that requires an understanding your current situation, your goals and objectives. AudioSalad has years of experience with helping rights holders (labels, artists and distributors) reach their goals and objectives. We would be happy to discuss your situation.

What about access to the DSPs that Merlin does not work with?

AudioSalad is a full distribution company and in addition to delivering your content under Merlin DSP deals, can help distribute your content to other DSP’s that Merlin doesn’t not work with. This is generally referred to as ‘Hybrid Distribution’ and is an area of expertise for AudioSalad. Note that there are many distributors who are unwilling to provide hybrid distribution services. At AudioSalad we are looking to help drive your growth and reach your key objectives, so we fully support the hybrid model.

What if I determine Merlin is not the right fit for me?

As a leading independent distributor, AudioSalad can still help you gain access to the DSP’s. We will be happy to discuss your situation and help work toward your goals.

How can I find out more about working with Merlin?

Merlin has global representatives who would be happy to connect with you about membership or any other questions regarding membership. You can contact them here:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you have.

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