AudioSalad is an Industry-Leading Platform for Labels, Artists, and Rights Holders

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AudioSalad is an unparalleled metadata and media asset management, delivery, and distribution platform for the music and entertainment industries. It has become the indispensable choice to maximize reach and revenue for a growing global roster of artists, record labels, and distributors. Please contact us for more information.

As our roster continues to grow with increasing metadata complexity, we needed a secure solution to centrally manage our catalogue. AudioSalad’s powerful platform meets the high demands of our business and is the solution we had been searching for.

300 Entertainment

In keeping with Secretly Distribution’s ethos, we are delighted to be working alongside such a well-respected and independent digital delivery platform. The AudioSalad team, and its industry-leading technology, provides a second to non-service to our organisation. Our partnership has helped to optimise our digital delivery capabilities for both our labels and artists.

Secretly Distribution

AudioSalad has allowed us to take the reins back of our catalogue.  Instead of being bogged down by archaic spreadsheets and bureaucracy of a distributor, we can upload and manage our releases directly ourselves. A huge weight has been taken off of my back!


AudioSalad has helped tremendously to streamline the management of our vast digital catalog. Their dashboard is intuitive and enables efficient workflow. Updating and changing metadata is simple and quick, and the support team is responsive and incredibly helpful.

Stones Throw

As the Mad Decent roster continues to grow we needed a centralized solution for our team to stay on top of our catalog and distributions. AudioSalad gives us complete control over all the moving parts of our complex business and provides best in class support that meets our high demands. 

Mad Decent

AudioSalad has been a great partner, their technology has helped us streamline many aspects of our business including content delivery and management.  Their technology and team have been great to work with as we all navigate the ever changing landscape of digital music.

Foundation Media

Audiosalad is a perfect partner for Merge Records, one who speaks to our core values of independence and creative control.  Their advanced platform provides a reliable and efficient solution for our distribution and content management needs, and the team is always helpful and accessible

Merge Records

AudioSalad has been a great partner of ours for many years now and our digital operations have improved significantly since we started working together. The team and technology are constantly improving to meet our needs as the digital landscape relentlessly changes.

Hopeless Records

We anticipated a stressful transition process, but Audiosalad’s skilled team was able to move our catalog without any hiccups in service, playcounts, and playlist placements. Audiosalad’s interface and design allows us to accurately see ingested formats and past deliveries; all digital storage stresses have been eliminated!

Saddle Creek

AudioSalad are great! Their service is extremely personalised and they work with us to tailor their system, to our needs. They have an engaged and talented team, are quick to reply to queries, quick to implement new distribution targets and are very highly regarded.

Mushroom Labels

Audiosalad is the true embodiment of digital independence – we can’t imagine being with a better partner for our catalog, and one whose true passion for music shines through the metadata and 1s and 0s to everything they do. It’s a true pleasure to work with Patrick, Iain, Gerald, Anthony and the rest of the AS crew.

Light in the Attic

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