Metadata / Asset Management

AudioSalad’s centralized cloud infrastructure and powerful MacOS app and companion web application allow content owners to effectively manage their digital assets and metadata. With your catalog managed in AudioSalad, you can easily access your content, assign and edit metadata for your releases, and ensure that your music is properly represented and shared with all of your partners and DSPs.

Unparalleled catalog management

  • Quickly search, filter and export metadata and assets from your catalog.
  • Assign industry standard metadata to your releases and tracks, including automatic UPC and ISRC assignment.
  • Automatically transcode audio and video files into different formats and bitrates.
  • Give partners, sub-labels, managers and artists access to manage their content through the AudioSalad Label Admin web application.

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Metadata / Asset Management Screenshot
Working with AudioSalad has really helped the workflow within our international teams and distributors, making the delivery of media assets much less labor intensive. The AudioSalad platform is always ahead of the curve, and their support team is always friendly and on-point. - Silva Screen Records

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