AudioSalad for Distributors

AudioSalad’s streamlined digital delivery functionality enables distributors to manage their release schedules and scale their businesses. Our robust metadata management system allows for effective organization of clients’ catalogs and consistent matching for royalty reporting. AudioSalad is integrated with all major DSPs and activates new delivery feeds on a regular basis.

While we take care of the technical aspects of working with the DSPs, you can focus on serving your clients and partners. Our platform is engineered to enable effective client relations for distributors, so that your artists/labels can view with their catalog and upload new content in a clean format.

AudioSalad for Distributors Screenshot
AudioSalad’s technology has made it possible for us to greatly expand and grow our digital distribution business. We save an incredible amount of time processing titles due to the streamlined nature of the AS platform, and have made great use of the B2B portal which allows us to sort through our content quickly and efficiently.
- Soulspazm, Inc.

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