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Getting your media assets and metadata quickly into the hands of your team members and partners is of the utmost importance. Waiting for files to upload over slow broadband can be the difference between winning and losing an opportunity for promotion or placement. The AudioSalad B2B Portal enables you to share your assets with your partners for press and marketing campaigns, sync pitches, playlist pitching, and much more. Collaborate with your whole team for fluid and organized project management in order to efficiently exploit your catalog.

With your catalog centrally managed in AudioSalad, the B2B Portal allows you to create and share custom projects in order to showcase your content. The B2B Portal is accessible from any web browser, so your content is always available at your fingertips. Grant access to your team, set permissions for your partners to collaborate on specific projects, and monitor key metrics and user interactions with your content.

With the AudioSalad B2B portal you’re able to…

  • Put all of your projects in one place for easy accessibility.
  • Easily share posts and projects, and collaborate with teams.
  • Streamline your workflow between team members and external clients.
  • Easily respond to pitch requests for sync licensing.

And lots more!

For a list of frequently asked questions related to the B2B portal, click here.

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AudioSalad allows us to pitch music and share our catalog internally better than any other service out there. It is easy to create links for stream and/or download, whether it be MP3 or WAV files, at a click. It gives us the confidence, when I send a link out for license consideration, that we are at the top of this type of technology.
- Daptone Records

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