AudioSalad API

The AudioSalad API (REST API) provides mechanisms for authenticated third party systems and their users to retrieve the metadata and media assets for content under management in AudioSalad. This provides a means to build client facing systems and utilize the existing versatility of AudioSalad to power the applications.

Today we have numerous third party systems accessing the AudioSalad API to provide solutions for royalty calculation, private streaming, download and promotion use cases. The AudioSalad API can help third parties focus on their development requirements, whilst leveraging the power of AudioSalad’s core-content and metadata management.


The AudioSalad API can function to:

  • Return release, track and playlist metadata.
  • Return audio and media assets.
  • Return image assets in various sizes.
  • Provide User Auth, based on third party authentication.
  • Return delivery status for a delivered content.

… and many more.

We have numerous custom applications interfacing with the AudioSalad API. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more or building your own.

For a full list of frequently asked questions regarding working with the AudioSalad API, click here.

API Screenshot
I love the AudioSalad API. It allows me to integrate with all of our existing client sites, and as everyone knows, happy clients = happy days! I highly recommend AudioSalad and everything they have to offer.

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