AudioSalad B2B FAQ

What is the AudioSalad B2B Portal?

The AudioSalad B2B Portal is a private, secure file sharing and project management system. It is used for collaboration among team members and for pitching content to external partners for marketing, promo, sync licensing, and much more. We commonly refer to the B2B Portal as the “beating heart of AudioSalad,” as our clients log in the system on a daily basis in order to collaborate, promote, and efficiently share their music.

Who can use the B2B Portal?

AudioSalad clients can build their own network of users within the B2B Portal. Invite your staff for internal collaboration, as well as trusted partners from outside your company, including audio engineers, music supervisors, and more. Each user’s permissions can be customized in order to restrict access to sensitive projects and materials.

Can I send stream/download links from the B2B Portal?

Yes, users can create shareable links with custom permission settings in order to provide stream and/or download access to releases, tracks, playlists, and other files.

What types of files can be shared using the B2B Portal?

In addition to standard audio and image files, B2B Portal users can upload virtually any other file format. This includes high-res videos, PDF documents, PSD templates, and much more.

Is my full catalog metadata available within the B2B Portal?

Yes, users can download metadata for each of their releases directly from the B2B Portal, as well as share metadata with external partners.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you have.

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