Swans Win “Hardest Working Artist” at AIM Awards

We’d like to congratulate Swans for bringing home the award of “Hardest Working Artist” at this week’s AIM Awards show. The band was unable to attend the award ceremony, but frontman Michael Gira delivered an acceptance speech via video broadcast. He had the following to say about the award:

Those of us that have truly labored – for instance in the fields of carpentry, roofing, hod-carrying, demolition, bricklaying and even in Amazon delivery centers or a clothing or plastics factory somewhere in the world – know what true labour is, and therefor know that recording and touring with a band is decidedly lightweight by comparison. But even so, and leaving aside the fact that working hard does not necessarily mean that the work itself is worthwhile, we here at the Swans work site accept with the deepest heartfelt gratitude your generous honor here today.

Swans are currently working on a live album, titled The Gate, which they are incorporating into a campaign to help fund the production and distribution of their upcoming album.

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