NPR’s “Morning Edition” Music News Features Fania Records

This morning’s NPR Music News podcast featured a short segment highlighting legendary Latin music label Fania Records. Titled “On Fania Records And The Music That Made It Matter,” the discussion features Felix Contreras, co-host of NPR Music’s Alt.Latino podcast, giving a brief but informative outline of the overall history of Fania Records. In a few sentences, Contreras describes how the label grew from it’s humble beginnings in the trunk of artist Johnny Pacheco’s car to become the label that changed Latin Music forever. However, Fania’s influence was not limited to just the music business. Speaking to the impact that Fania Records had on the Latin Culture in the 1970s, Contreras says:

Fania was the soundtrack for the empowerment for many of these communities, because it was brash, it was vibrant, it was new. It embraced the Afro identity of Latin America. And it made me — a young Chicano teenager in California, just discovering music — want to be part of this exciting new sound and movement.

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