NPR Interviews A2IM’s Rich Bengloff Regarding YouTube Standoff

Last week, NPR posted an article about the ongoing negotiation standoff between YouTube and independent record labels.

The streaming giant is currently in the process of launching their own music subscription service, and has recently reached a deal with the three major labels. Their relationship with smaller labels, however, remains strained, as YouTube currently plans to pay out less in licensing fees to independant labels than they do to the majors.

A2IM’s Rich Bengloff was interviewed for the piece, arguing that artists’ song should not be valued higher just because that artist may have a greater fan base or command more radio play.

A song by a pop artist such as Justin Bieber shouldn’t be valued more than a blues song by an artist by the name of Koko Taylor…They should have the exact same value. Justin Bieber may get paid 10 times more because his music is listened to 10 times more, and that’s fair.”

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