Hot Chip’s “Why Make Sense” Makes Album Cover History

For their upcoming sixth full length album, Why Make Sense, Domino Records recording artists Hot Chip have taken the idea of unique packaging to a new level. Using a bespoke and technologoically advanced printing style, every CD or vinyl copy of Why Make Sense will come in one of 501 different colors. By combining these 501 colors with slight variations on the cover’s design, they have ensured that every copy will have a unique cover.

From The Creator’s Project’s interview with Matthew Cooper, who co-designed the cover with Nick Relph:

Describing it as “a unique and bespoke printing technique,” Relph and Cooper used an algorithm to randomly alter the album’s color and image for each vinyl pressing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of different combinations….Cooper explained that the trick was to push information on color and graphic swatch variations from InDesign into an Excel spreadsheet, in a way that could be recognized by the printer.

Why Make Sense (in all its variations) is set for US release on May 19th. Follow the links below for the full piece from The Creator’s Project, plus links to Domino Records’ interactive site for the album.

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