Global Release Day to Start Next Month

July 10th is the official launch of “New Music Friday,” marking a new and innovative move being taken throughout the global music industry. Following the main release of an album or single, fans have always had to wait until the music made its way to their territory. This process often takes days, or even weeks, and has caused much frustration. A solution to this problem is being implemented by record labels, distributors, artists, and everyone in-between. “New Music Friday” will be a weekly event, with all music being released at the same time, worldwide.

45 music markets worldwide will release music at 00:01 local time on Friday, a time previously designated by only 11 of these markets. This combined effort will be sure to please fans, who will have equal access to international releases. Although “New Music Friday” has not been adopted by the entire market, and is not legally binding, we think it’s a great idea and hope it becomes a long-lasting tradition!

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