Does HD Audio Make A Difference To You?

Illustration by Claire O’Neill/NPR

With new services like Pono and TIDAL popping up left and right, high quality audio is garnering a great deal of attention these days.  Many gladly pay for this improved sound experience; however, others assert that the “enhanced experience” is a mere claim that these companies use as a marketing ploy.

Earlier this week, NPR shared a simple quiz to help its participants learn how sensitive their ears are to high-definition music.  As noted by NPR, audio quality not only depends on the size of the track but on external factors such as the users’ choice of earphones and the perceptiveness of their ears.

The quality and enjoyment of music all depends on the ear of the listener.  Click on the link below to test yourself!

Check out “How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality” via NPR Music »

Tip: turn the volume UP!