AudioSalad and Virtual Reality Streaming

With virtual reality technology rapidly progressing, many industries are starting to see its potential as a vehicle for content. We have developed a our own VR streaming platform to explore these possibilities in the music industry. Utilizing our API to pull media and data into the player, the AudioSalad VR app immerses the user into a room full of art and music that maximizes interaction with the content. We believe this is a truly original and engaging way to discover new music and share data.

We had the opportunity to demo our app for Cherie Hu, a contributor at Forbes, who was kind enough to describe her experience in a recent article:

Trying out AudioSalad’s VR player—which involved strapping a device to my eyes, turning around up to 270 degrees, and examining my virtual surroundings in order to choose a single song—completely threw me off-balance. This physical disorientation soon turned into fascination, however, and I became excited at the prospect of restoring physicality to what we currently take for granted as digital experiences.

We, too, are excited about this prospect and can’t wait to see where this venture takes us. We have received great feedback for the app and are in the process of building the next iteration now. Please give us a shout if you are interested in learning more about the project!

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